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Lyveden New Bield

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Lyveden New Bield (sometimes called New Build) is an unfinished summer house in the parish of Aldwinkle St Peter in the county of Northamptonshire, England.

It was constructed for Sir Thomas Tresham, the fervent Roman Catholic of Rushton Hall, and is thought to have been designed by Robert Stickells. The exact date is unknown but can be estimated to circa 1604–05, the year of Tresham's death. The New Bield was on the estate of Tresham's second home Lyvedon Old Bield.

Just as at Tresham's smaller folly Rushton Triangular Lodge, his principal estate, the New Bield has a religious design full of symbolism. Designed on a plan reminiscent of a Greek cross, the facades have a strict symmetry. The building has two floors above a raised basement, with mullioned and transomed windows. Each floor had three rooms with a staircase in the south projection of the cross. The exterior of the building is decorated by friezes of a religious nature. The metopes contain the emblems and motifs found also at the triangular lodge, such as the "IHS" christogram.

Our Virtual Tour unlocks the beauty of this hidden gem and takes you on a trip around its beautiful building, gardens, moat, orchards and wild flower meadows.